Behind The Scenes: Winona Ryder & Michael Lehmann On The Set Of HEATHERS

Off-kilter visuals and a discombobulating score help deliver an uneasy dream-like quality which added to Daniel Waters‘ warped script ensure that Michael Lehmann‘s Heathers is rightfully heralded as a cult classic. The 1988 film’s unique tone saw both Lehmann and Waters snapped up into the Hollywood machine and duo would go on to work on the woefully misjudged Bruce Willis starrer Hudson Hawk (no irony), while Waters would also co-write Tim Burton’s equally twisted Batman Returns.

A beautifully dark teen black-comedy, Heathers still packs a sarcastic punch thirty years after it was first released. Daniel Waters’ warped script is molasses black and Winona Ryder and Christian Slater (doing his best Jack Nicholson impersonation) deliver wonderfully on-point performances as the young couple who kick-start a suicide craze in their high school after they murder its most popular students.

Released in 1988, Heathers grossed $1.1 million at the US box office and $1.16 million worldwide. It went on to have huge success on VHS and then on DVD and Blu-ray.