Behind The Scenes: Val Kilmer, Phillip Noyce & Elizabeth Shue On The Set Of THE SAINT

The role of The Saint (aka Simon Templar) was made famous by Roger Moore in the 1960s and Val Kilmer played the character in an under-rated movie from Phillip Noyce in 1997. The character is based on a series of novels by author Leslie Charteris

Noyce’s The Saint didn’t get great reviews from critics when it opened in April 1997 – a shame because it’s actually a fun flick with great performances from Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue. It has the same tone as Mission: Impossible (another Paramount Picture), which was released the previous year to better reviews and bigger box office. In an alternate world, we’d be on The Saint 6 by now. 

The film also features a wonderful score from Graeme Revelle and the soundtrack album, The Saint: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack features a host of great tunes, including Out of My Mind by Duran Duran and 6 Underground by the Sneaker Pimps.

The Saint grossed $61.3 million at the US box office and over $118 million globally in 1997. 

Chris Pine is currently set to star in Paramount Pictures’ latest incarnation of The Saint. Dexter Fletcher is directing the film.