Behind The Scenes: Terry Gilliam Directs Bruce Willis & Brad Pitt On The Set Of 12 MONKEYS

Inspired by Chris Marker’s 1962 short film La Jetée, Terry Gilliams 12 Monkeys sees Bruce Willis sent back in time to stop the release of a virus which all but wipeout humanity. He’s mistaken for a mental patient by Madeleine Stowe‘s psychiatrist. The 195 movie has several Gilliam flourishes on a visual level, but the whole thing is played straight. Brad Pitt was Oscar nominated for the film and he won a Golden Globe. Having said that, Willis and Stowe are great too.

Budgeted at $29 million, 12 Monkeys grossed more than $57 million in the US and over $111 million in foreign grossed for a worldwide total of almost $169 million.