Behind The Scenes: Sean Connery & Peter Hyams On The Set Of OUTLAND

Not enough people talk about Outland, Peter Hyam’s loose remake of the 1952 western High Noon. The 1981 science fiction thriller sees Sean Connery‘s Federal Marshall facing-off against drug smugglers on the titanium ore mining outpost of Con-Am 27.

The film was the start of Connery’s resurgence in the 1980s and it’s a well-honed film which feels like it takes place in the same world as Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (which was released the following year). It has similar textures and technology and the pair make for a great double bill. 

This image shows Sean Connery and Peter Hyams together on the set of Outland. The duo would reunite for the 1988 thriller The PresidioOutland would go on to gross $17.3 million on its release in 1981. 

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