Behind The Scenes: Robert Pattinson & Matt Reeves On The Set Of THE BATMAN

Director  Matt Reeves has decided to focus on Batman’s detective leanings, framing the movie as a serial killer thriller and presenting Gotham City as a gritty rain-soaked metropolis which is rotting from the top down. Setting the film during the second year of Bruce Wayne’s war on Gotham’s criminals means we are dropped right into the action with a Batman who is already proficient at striking fear into the heart of the underworld. 

Borrowing very heavily from David Fincher’s filmography, Reeves takes elements from Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and filters them through the world of Batman. What we get is a comic book movie which ditches the overblown aspects of the genre to keep things (relatively) grounded and deliver a thriller where the detective happens to wear a cape rather than a trench-coat.

Robert Pattinson makes for a good Batman – and he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Christian Bale’s take on the character. However, he has no persona as Bruce Wayne – only Batman – and ultimately this means he’s one-note. We know Batman is dark and intense but it’s the complexity of having the Bruce Wayne side to the character which creates inner-conflict. Pattinson does bring a feral quality to The Batman’s eyes – a don’t mess with me intensity works well when he’s locked in close contact with others. 

The Batman looks and sounds great. Production designer James Chinlund has delivered a wonderfully realised Gotham City, a beautifully bleak gothic hell which is merged with grungy modern cityscape. It’s perfectly shot by cinematographer Greig Fraser who really brings the dark to The Dark Knight. Fraser’s camera work is flawless – save for an energetic car chase which renders the new Batmobile all but a sleek black blur. Michael Giacchino’s score is an atmospheric piece which works well within the operatic nature Reeve’s film  – it’s nowhere near as good as Danny Elfman’s flawless work on Tim Burton’s movies – but that’s an incredibly high benchmark.

When The Batman opened in 2022 it grossed $363 million at the U.S. box office and $772 million globally. A sequel is on the way!