Behind The Scenes: Rob Reiner & Billy Crystal On The Set Of THE PRINCESS BRIDE

Action, adventure, comedy and romance – The Princess Bride has it all, without compromising any of these key elements. That’s a difficult balance to keep, but Reiner manages it, without ignoring the all important fairy tale tropes. That’s what makes it so special, it’s a film for all genders and ages, helping it grow with those who first saw it as children, and who are now showing it to their own children.

Few mainstream Hollywood films have attained the cult status as Rob Reiner’s 1987 adaptation of of William Goldman’s 1973 novel, The Princess Bride. The post-modern fairy tale /romantic-comedy- adventure shouldn’t work, but it does, managing to be a great film for both grown-ups and kids.

Time has been very kind to The Princess Bride. We live in a cinematic world where spectacle is everything; where special effects take precedence over story – but the story and script are at the core of what makes The Princess Bride so enjoyable (and quotable). Many have have tried to mimic the film’s tone since its release in thirty years ago, but Reiner and Goldman have captured lightening in a bottle, creating something which feels timeless. Reiner has always been able to inject his films with heart and he does it here with aplomb, while Goldman is one of the all-time great Hollywood screenwriters. Together the pair have concocted one magical little film.

This image shows Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal (in full make-up) on the set of The Princess Bride. The film grossed $30.8 million at the US box office in 1987.