Behind The Scenes: Michelle Yeoh, Pierce Brosnan & Roger Spottiswoode On The Set Of TOMORROW NEVER DIES

Tomorrow Never Dies is a great James Bond film. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode, the 1997 film sees Pierce Brosnan‘s 007 taking on Jonathan Pryce‘s evil media mogul, Elliot Carver. Along for the ride is Michelle Yeoh‘s Chinese spy, Wai Lin  – a character who makes a huge impression.There were rumours that Yeoh was going to get a spin-off film but that sadly never came to pass. 

The 18th Bond film saw Judi Dench playing M for the second time and Desmond Llewelyn once again in the role of the always exasperated Q. Teri Hatcher portrayed Paris Carver, an old flame of Bond’s (now Carver’s wife) and Joe Don Baker returned to play Jack Wade, a CIA buddy of Bond’s (a Felix Leiter-type part). 

Script issues saw a lot of tension on the set of Tomorrow Never Dies – but it remains a high point in Brosnan’s tenure as Ian Fleming‘s iconic secret agent. It’s Pierce Brosnan‘s second Bond film and you can really see the actor finding his groove in the role. The action sequences are expertly shot and David Arnold‘s musical score is gloriously rich. Sheryl Crow’s opening theme is good but it’s not a patch on KD Lang’s Surrender– which shunted to the end credits because Crow was a bigger name. 

Released in December 1997, Tomorrow Never Dies grossed $125.3 million at the US box office and $333 million globally.