Behind The Scenes: Michael Caine & Mickey Rooney On The Set Of PULP

After the success of 1971’s Get Carter, actor Michael Caine and director Mike Hodges reunited the following year for Pulp. A very different beast from their dark gangster tale, Pulp is a comedy-thriller which takes its audience on sunny and surreal trip to Malta. 

Caine is Mickey King, a pulp novelist and ghostwriter who gets caught-up with Mickey Rooney’s Preston Gilbert, a retired actor turned gangster when he’s hired to pen his memoirs. Surreal to the extreme, Pulp is a cult film which has an intriguing cast (Caine and Rooney are joined by Lionel Stander and Lizabeth Scott) and an interesting set-up.

It should be noted that Pulp was edited by James Bond editor (and future director), John Glen and the musical score is from the great George Martin, the famed producer of The Beatles and composer of the Live And Let Die score.