Behind The Scenes: Michael Apted Directs Pierce Brosnan & Sophie Marceau On The Set Of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH

Bond, James Bond. Michael Apted directed Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough, the Irish actor’s third Bond film and the nineteenth instalment of the spy franchise. The opening boat chase of the 1999 film is James Bond at its best and there’s a tangibility to the Thames-based action sequence which still holds-up two decades later. 

The World Is Not Enough pushes the Bond elements in a new direction, adding more drama to proceedings and offering-up some complexity which can be missing from the films. Brosnan clearly relishes the role and Robert Carlyle and Sophie Marceau make for interesting antagonists. 

Budgeted at $135 million, The World Is Not Enough grossed $126 million at the US box office and almost $362 million globally (a franchise high at the time).