Behind The Scenes: Mel Gibson Filming BIRD ON A WIRE

John Badham’s Bird On A Wire is a fun and enthusiastic action-comedy starring the winning combination of Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn

The 1990 film features Gibson as an FBI informant who has been in witness protection for fifteen years. He’s forced to go on the run with his old girlfriend (Hawn) – when a pair of bad guys (David Carradine and Bill Duke) discover where he’s hiding. Sparks and bullets fly. 

It’s light and frothy, but Bird On A Wire features some great stunts and actions sequences and Mel and Goldie have great chemistry. It has has an energetic early score from Hans Zimmer. It’s no masterpiece – but it is great Saturday night entertainment. 

This photograph was taken during the filming of Bird On A Wire‘s ’70s set flashback sequences. Goldie Hawn was reluctant to film on the rollercoaster, so she was replaced by her stand-in in certain shots (the lady beside a mustachioed Gibson). Ultimately, Hawn agreed to ride the rollercoaster and she filmed the sequence. 

Released in 1990, Bird On A Wire grossed $70.9 million at the US box office and $138.6 million globally.