Behind The Scenes: Kurt Russell, Peter Berg & David Maldonado On The Set Of DEEPWATER HORIZON

Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon is a solid action-drama with good effects and strong performances from stars Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell. The pair go full-on blue collar worker in Berg’s gritty true-life disaster movie.

The 2016 release tells the true story of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in April 2010. The explosion saw the sinking of the rig and the deaths of 11 workers. The aftermath led to the largest marine oil spill in the world, and the largest environmental disaster in history of the United States.

Berg’s film delvers in spectacle but with a running time of just 107 minutes, it’s a little light on plot and character development. A lot of the characterisation is drawn in broad strokes – in a disaster movie like this the characters are key. However, the film gets a bonus point for having a good cast, with Kate Hudson and John Malkovich joining Wahlberg and Russell in key roles. 

Budgeted at $110 million, Deepwater Horizon grossed $61.4 million at the US box office and $121.7 million globally in 2016.