Behind The Scenes: Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan & Director Phil Alden Robinson On The Set Of FIELD OF DREAMS

Amy Madigan, Phil Alden Robinson and Kevin Costner on the set of Field of Dreams

Director Phil Alden Robinson‘s Field of Dreams has developed legendary status due to the line “If you build it he will come”. The film, based on W. P. Kinsella’s 1982 novel, Shoeless Joe tells the story of an Iowa farmer, Ray Kinsella ( Kevin Costner) who hears a voice that tells him to build a baseball diamond in his field. He complies and goes on a journey of self discovery that brings hope and excitement to his friends and family. A critical and commercial hit on its release Field Of Dreams solidified Kevin Costner’s leading man status as he entered the 1990s.

It’s an enduring piece of cinema with sparkling supporting turns from Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and Burt Lancaster (in his last screen appearance). In the novel J.D. Salinger is the reclusive writer that Kinsella seeks out, but the character was changed to the fictional Terence Mann for the film. 

Field Of Dreams is a lot of things – but most of all, it’s a film with a tremendous amount of heart. 

Released in 1989, Field Of Dreams grossed $64.4 million at the US box office and $84.4 million worldwide.