Behind The Scenes: John Krasinksi Directs Emily Blunt On The Set Of A QUIET PLACE

Actor turned director John Krasinksi’s A Quiet Place is a strong entry into the current wave on top tier horror movies. This 2018 release is a virtually dialogue free thriller which sees a family hiding from sound-driven creatures in rural America. Krasinski keeps the tension tight, while both he and real-life wife Emily Blunt put in good work as the parents working to keep their family safe.

A Quiet Place has shades of I Am Legend and M.Night Shyamalan’s Signs. It’s a clever little piece of genere fair which hits the right notes and ticks all the correct boxes.

Budgeted at $17 million, A Quiet Place grossed $188 million at the US box office and $340.9 million worldwide. A Quiet Place II is scheduled to open in the US on 28 May 2021 after  COVID-19 related delay.