Behind The Scenes: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton & Bruce Abbott Goofing Around On The Set Of RE-ANIMATOR

The late Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator is gloriously gory. The film, based on H. P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West Reanimator, is a prime slice of the ‘80s horror scene. It’s darkly comic, bloody as hell and totally over the top. You have to accept it for what it is or don’t. If you buy into it then you’ll have a great time, despite the fact that it’s all totally ludicrous.

Bruce Abbott and Jeffrey Combs play two young medical students fascinated by the possibility of bridging the dead back to life (isn’t that always the case?). They realise their dream, but an evil fame-hungry doctor (David Gale) is suspicious of their work and he soon tries to steal the sequel behind their medical magic. Barbara Crampton is Abbot’s fiancee who also gets caught-up in the situation. 

The bottom line is that audiences don’t watch a movie like Re-Animator for the performances or the script. The gore is the thing and Gordon’s film has it in spades. It’s good old-fashioned prosthetics and buckets of blood. The make-up here is top-notch and makes you feel a little sad knowing that this is now a dying art.

This image of Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton and Bruce Abbott looks like a promotional photograph taken on the set of Stuart Gordon’s classic horror – note the Re-Animator logo on the their gowns.

Re-Animator grossed $2 million at the US box office from a budget of $900,000 in 1985.