Behind The Scenes: James Mangold Directs Hugh Jackman On The Set Of LOGAN

A neo-western told through the prism of a comic book movie, James Mangold’s Logan takes Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and breaks him into a thousand pieces, rebuilding him as a tragic character approaching the twilight of his life.

Jackman’s Wolverine has always been the highlight in the X-Men movies in which he appeared, but his own spin-off movies have failed to bring out the best of the character. 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a heavily compromised affair, while Mangold’s own The Wolverine (2013) almost got things right, but was hindered by a CGI heavy finale. However, Mangold and Jackman have joined forces again in Logan to give the character the end-off he deserves, creating a film that relies heavily on western motifs, using films like Shane and Unforgiven as tonal touchstones. Stripping away his superhero moniker Wolverine, Mangold’s film firmly puts the focus on the man behind the legend.

In 2017, Logan grossed $226 million at the US box office and $619 million worldwide from a $97 million budget.