Behind The Scenes: James Cameron Directs James Remar As Hicks On The Set Of ALIENS

This behind-the-scenes photograph from the set of Aliens show James Cameron directing James Remar. The actor was originally cast as Hicks in the 1986 Alien sequel, but he was replaced by Michael Biehn after a few days of filming.

The official reason for Remar’s departure was the oft used ‘artistic differences’ excuse, however, Remar has in recent years has stated that it had to do with his drug usage. 

Michael Biehn was great in the role of Hicks and it’s difficult to see anyone else in the role (although this image does help stimulate the imagination). Flashes of Remar were used in the film, mostly shots taken from behind. 

Aliens remains one of the great all-time sequels, potentially surpassing Ridley Scott‘s Alien. The film grossed $85 million at the US box office, $46 million in foreign grosses for a $131 million global total. 

It was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Actress, Original Score, Sound, Editing, Special Effects Editing, Art Direction and Visual Effects. It won two – Sound Editing and Visual Effects.