Behind The Scenes Image: Bruce Willis & M.Night Shyamalan On The Set Of GLASS

Entertaining and well put together 2019’s, Glass is definitely worth seeing if you enjoyed Unbreakable and/or Split. It’s not as good as the former but it’s better than the latter and it’s great to see Bruce Willis back in the green poncho. Fans of M.Night Shyamalan will have much to debate and haters will have much to hate, but you can’t deny that Shyamalan has delivered a movie that plays to its own tune – and that needs to be admired.

The film’s best plot threads are those from 2000’s Unbreakable and I could happily have watched Wills and Spencer Treat Clark as a crimefighting duo. Willis is the best he’s been in years here, delivering a textured performance which offers glimpses of why he became one of the world’s biggest movie stars. His scenes with Clark are wonderful and it’s a shame that this isn’t a straight-up sequel to Unbreakableand not a superhero mash-up.

This image shows Bruce Willis and M.Night Shyamalan on the set of Glass. Budgeted at $20 million, the film grossed $111 million at the US box office and $246.9 million globally.