Behind The Scenes: David Ayer, Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf On The Set Of FURY

Fury is Brad Pitt’s second go-around in a WWII movie, having previously starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds but David Ayer’s 2014 film is a different beast entirely. Tarantino’s film was a comic book look at the war, while Fury looks at how it affects the men fighting. It’s these character moments that add to the film’s rich texture as we learn about how the men face each day knowing that it could be their last. Pitt sells these quiet moments (the finest comes at Fury’s mid-point), showing that he continues to grow as an actor and implying that some of his best work may still be ahead of him.

Fury’s supporting cast impresses in potentially cliche-ridden roles with Shia Labeouf and Logan Lerman being the stand-outs. LaBeouf is good as ‘Bible’ the religious nut of the team. It shows the he does have the necessary acting chops and all he needs to do is control his public image to get his career in order. Lerman manages to hit some interesting notes as the naive young soldier who sees what life is like on the front. Again it’s a role that we’ve seen before but Ayer’s material adds a new accent to the familiar.

The $68 million budgeted Fury grossed $85 million at the US box office and $211.8 million globally when it was released in 2014.