Behind The Scenes Brian Helgeland & Tom Hardy On The Set Of LEGEND

Based on John Pearson’s book The Profession of Violence, 2015’s Legend is narrated by Emily Browning’s Frances, the wife of Reggie Kray. It charts the couple’s volatile relationship and illustrates how the two brothers built their criminal legacy in the east end of London

Writer/Director Brian Helgeland’s Legend tells the now infamous story of London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray. It’s an uneven film that’s held together by Tom Hardy’s dual performance as the brothers. On the surface it seems like a gimmick, but Hardy is able to create distinct characters for both Ronnie and Reggie – and that’s ultimately what makes the film worth seeing

A dark humour plays through Legend and this gives the film a lot of charm. You could argue that it glorifies violence but the film contains some good moments. There’s a great fight in the middle of the film where Ronnie and Reggie go head-to-head. It’s comical and violent but it might just be the highlight of the movie.

Budgeted at $43 million, Legend grossed just $1.87 million at the US box office and more than $42.9 million globally following its release in 2015.