Behind The Scenes: Ben Affleck’s Batman Stunt Double On The Set Of SUICIDE SQUAD

2016’s Suicide Squad plays like a graphic novel brought to life. It’s a fun action romp with some great turns from a bunch of actors who are clearly having a blast. It’s far from perfect (although better than Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) but it really hits the mark on delivering some fun comic book thrills, whilst helping to introduce some new characters to the big screen. It follows on from the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, bridging the gap between that superhero mash-up and Justice League.

It gets off to a rocky start in bringing the group together (not everyone gets the introduction they deserve), there are a few repetitive pieces of plot exposition and Cara Delevingne’s villainess isn’t particularly great. However, it gets more right than it gets wrong and it brings to life some fascinating and fresh DC Comic characters.

This image shows Ben Affleck‘s Batman stunt double filming Suicide Squad‘s opening action sequence. Note the orange dots for the later addition of a CGI cape.

Budgeted at $175 million, David Ayer’s comic book movie grossed $325 million at the US box office and $746.8 million worldwide.