Behind The Scenes: Anne Hathaway & Robert De Niro On The Set Of THE INTERN

A fun diversion, 2015’s The Intern will appeal to fans of Nancy Meyers’ cinematic output and its two stars. It’s not going to shake the face of cinema but it’s worth checking out if you want to watch something that isn’t too tasking on the mind.

Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway bring star quality and a playfulness to their roles that perfectly matches Meyers’ tome. The former brings a world weariness to his bored retiree who is eager to add more structure to his life. There’s a spark in the actor that hasn’t been visible in some time and he gives Ben a subtle charisma. Hathaway is also good, adding a sprightliness to her character that plays in contrast to De Niro’s.

Meyers is famed for her ‘lifestyle’ movies and The Intern is no different. This is a slick looking movie with fantastic production design that’s aimed at an audience which fails to get enough movies made for them these days. It’s pure Hollywood moviemaking and it bears little resemblance to reality. That’s not the point though, as this is a movie with little subtext, it’s designed to be consumed with a soft drink and pop corn.

Nancy Meyers’ The Intern is an enjoyable piece of entertaining fluff. This is a lifestyle movie, a commercial fairy tale where the stakes aren’t very high. It’s not quite up to the standard of What Women Want or Something’s Gotta Give but it is a fun time that makes for an enjoyable two hours in the company of two game stars.

Budgeted at $35 million, The Intern grossed $75 million at the US box office and $194.5 million worldwide.