BEHIND THE CANDELABRA Scores Box Office Gold In The UK


Steven Soderbergh’s Behind The Candelabra has long been one of Movies In Focus’ most anticipated films of 2013. The Liberace biopic is a top-notch production with sterling performances from Michael Douglas and Matt Damon (read the review). The drama was screened on HBO in the US, but it got a cinema release in the UK, where it has made some serious bank on its debut.

The film has grossed £513,228 from just 131 screens, a great number considering it was released in the summer season. The number one spot was taken by Will Smith’s After Earth, which grossed just £2.2 million in more than twice as many screens as the Liberace movie.

Behind The Candelabra expands to 243 screens next weekend, where it has the potential to score even more gold.

It’s good to see quality films making money for a change.

Source: BBC