Batman Begins: BATMAN #432

Batman ruled the world in 1989 and it blew my mind. Shortly before the release of the film my father brought home a Batman comic – the first I ever owned. It was Batman No. 432.

The tag line on the cover “If he can just get past the F.B.I”. It was Batman in full costume fighting a group of gentlemen in suits and aviator sunglasses within a burning building. As far as I can remember, Batman didn’t appear in costume until the final page, yet I was amazed by the story, the art – the genius of comic books.

I can’t recall if I was even aware that Tim Burton’s Batman was coming out that summer, I might have been, how could I not be? However I do remember coming down stairs on a Saturday morning and my dad saying to me “wait ‘til you see what I taped”. I waited, it was the trailer to Batman and my life changed forever. I watched it, I rewatched it and I became fascinated by it. I couldn’t wait to see it. 

I became fascinated by Batman, and as the hype for the film progressed so did my anticipation. I bought the DC comics adaptation, the T-shirts and the toys (or to be more accurate, my parents did) I watched the Prince video on the television. News reports discussed how the film had broken box office records, I had never seen anything like it. I had to see this film!