Bad LUCK As Dustin Hoffman & Michael Mann’s HBO Show Is Cancelled


David Milch and Michael Mann have announced that their HBO show Luck, with Dustin Hoffman has been cancelled. The show was scrapped following the death of a third horse on the set of the horseracing drama.

The production team was filming the second episode of the second series when the death occurred. The plan now is to have the season one finale act as the show’s finale, meaning that the currently in production series two will never be seen, unless the episodes appear as a DVD special feature.

It’s a shame that a show with the quality of Luck has to be cancelled, but it’s pretty safe to assume that all eyes would have been on the show if it continued production – and not in a good way.

A PETA statement said:

”Knowing that old, unfit, and drugged horses were forced to race for this series, PETA is glad that HBO has finally decided to cancel the show.”

Okay, someone get Dustin Hoffman a new acting gig. STAT!