Bad Boys Ain’t For Life! No More BAD BOYS 3 For Joe Carnahan

Joe Carnahan is a vibrant writer/director with serious cojones. Narc and The Grey are some of the best hombre movies of the last 25 years and if Michael Bay wasn’t making a third film in the Bad Boy franchise then Smokin’ Joe was the man. In fact, Carnahan has a harder edge than Bay does these days, however it now looks like Carnahan won’t be directing Bad Boys For Life either.

This is the dope from The Hollywood Reporter:

An insider tells The Hollywood Reporter that the helmer has left due to scheduling conflicts, but other sources say it was the dreaded “creative differences.”

The move is a setback for the project, which has been trying, in fits and stops, to get going after years of development. The involvement of Will Smith had forever been a question mark, but the actor finally committed and Sony, after shifting several times, had recently set a Nov. 8, 2018, release date. A start date in the fall was being eyed.


Source: THR

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