Assorted News On THE BATMAN

The March release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman is nearly upon us and more information and assorted marketing goodies are being unveiled to whet the appetite. 

First-up: The Batman‘s running time has been confirmed as 175 minutes (two hours and fifty-five minutes). That’s a hefty length which has caused some controversy on Twitter. But a movie needs to be as along as a movie needs to be.

Secondly: Michael Giacchino’s theme for the film has drooped online. It’s an atmospheric piece which works well for what we’ve seen of Reeve’s film  – but it’s nowhere near as good as Danny Elfman’s flawless work on Tim Burton’s movies.

Have a listen:

Finally: A scene with Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne attending the mayor’s funeral has dropped online. It features Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon and a brief glimpse of Paul Dano’s The Riddler. It looks good. Check it out below: