Are You Ready For A INDIANA JONES Reboot With Bradley Cooper?


News is circulating that Bradley Cooper is in the frame to don Harrison Ford‘s fedora and take over the Indiana Jones franchise for Disney. This probably isn’t going to happen – and there’s a good chance that Ford will be back to play Indy one final time.

Sure, Disney recently picked-up the rights to the Indy franchise from Paramount Pictures – but they want Ford to play the character for the next movie. Ford is currently 71 years old (he could easliy pass for nearly 20 years younger) and I think we’ll see a Ford focused Indy movie in the next three years. Then they’ll mothball the franchise for a while and reboot with a younger model. i doubt that’ll be Cooper though. I don’t think he’d want to go there. One thing’s for sure – at some point Indiana Jones will return to the screen.