Annabelle Wallis Joins Mel Gibson & Frank Grillo In Joe Carnahan’s BOSS LEVEL

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, looked at the menu, seen something and thought ‘damn, I’m definitely having that’? That’s how Joe Carnahan‘s Boss Level reads to Movies In Focus –  a juicy sirloin steak of a movie.

Frank Grillo stars as a retired special forces veteran caught in a time loop which sees him die over and over and over again. Mel Gibson plays a mobster in the pic, which now sees Annabelle Wallis join the cast as a dental hygienist who takes a shine to Grillo’s character.

Naomi Watts is also reportedly set to sign-on to the film, but there are no details on her character (could it be the same one that Wallis has now snagged?)

Wallis was last seen in opposite Tom Cruise in The Mummy – and her next role is in the the atrocious-looking Tag.

Source: Deadline