And Where Is The Batman? Behind The Scenes Images Tease The Return Of Bruce Wayne In THE FLASH Movie

Director Andy Muschietti has been hard at work bringing his Flash movie to the screen in the UK. The film, which is set to open on 4 November 2022 sees both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck return as Bruce Wayne/Batman opposite Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen/The Flash.

The director has been teasing bits and pieces from the film on social media and the latest shows a director’s chair with ‘Bruce Wayne emblazoned on it. Not to be out done, his sister and The Flash‘s producer Barbara Muschietti also posted the same chair – in what looks suspiciously like the wood-panelled walls of Wayne Manor. Presumably this is Keaton’s chair (and not Affleck’s) as he’s apparently already at work on the film’s set. 

Check out both images below: 

Sources:  Barbara Muschietti & Andy Muschietti