An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Oscar Isaac & Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In FRANCIS AND THE GODFATHER

Director Barry Levinson is set make Francis And The Godfather – a film about the making of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 classic The Godfather.

Oscar Isaac will star as Francis Coppola and Jake Gyllenhaal will play Robert Evans in the film which charts tumultuous making of the iconic Paramount Picture. The film, based a Black List script by Andrew Farotte, which follows Coppola’s struggles to achieve his vision and get the film made. 

It’s interesting because Ben Affleck is also making, The Big Goodbye which tells the story of the making of Roman Polanski‘s, Chinatown – another 1970s Paramount production. That film will also feature the irrepressible Robert Evans

Are we gearing-up for a Paramount Pictures Cinematic Universe?

Source: Deadline