An Affair To Remember: John McTiernan’s THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR Starring Pierce Brosnan & Rene Russo

Way back in 1999 few imagined that Pierce Brosnan could easily step into Steve McQueen’s shoes for John Mc Tiernan‘s remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. However the romantic thriller is one of the few remakes to surpass the original.

McTiernan’s remake of the 1968 Norman Jewison film hits the mark on nearly every level. Rene Russo is the perfect foil to Brosnan’s gentleman thief and Bill Conti’s score is first rate. One of the main marketing ploys of the film was that both Brosnan and costar Rene Russo were in their forties – something which is still a rarity in Hollywood today. 

Around 15 years ago Brosnan tried to get a sequel titled The Topkapi Affair made, with Paul Verhoeven set to direct. However, a regime change at United Artists/MGM put the kibosh on that. John McTiernan was also working on his own version, but that attempt at a follow-up also stalled. The Russo Brothers announced in 2019 that they will produce another remake of Thomas Crown starring Michael B. Jordan.

The Thomas Crown Affair opened in August 1999 and grossed $69 million at the US box office and $124 million worldwide.