Amazon’s TRIAL Scores Billy Bob Thornton As A Replacement For Kevin Costner


Amazon has scored Billy Bob Thornton as the lead in Trial, the new 10-part legal drama from David E. Kelly.

Kevin Costner was previously in negotiations for the part; however the online behemoth was unable to convince him to sign-on. Fellow country singer Thornton is a solid choice though and he’ll be a good fit for the part – even if he lacks Costner’s laid-back everyman charm. This might not be as big a coup as nabbing the Dances With Wolves star, but Thornton was great recently in the small screen version of Fargo. It looks he’s found a new niche as a go-to TV actor. Thornton will give Trail a different dynamic, as there’s an intensity to his acting that Costner doesn’t have.

Here’s the lowdown from Deadline:

‘The legal drama, which Kelley co-wrote with his Practice and Boston Legal producer, fellow former attorney Jonathan Shapiro, centers on Billy McBride (Thornton). Once a big and powerful lawyer, Billy has become a shell of his former self, an alcoholic in a rumpled suit. Billy’s downfall came after he lost a case that saw an innocent kid murdered, and his guilt-driven alcoholism cost him his wife and his job after his longtime partner Cooper turned on him and kicked him out of their law firm. Still hanging onto his dry charisma, Billy is now going head-to-head against Cooper, bringing a case against his former partner, which begins to stir in him his old ambition.’

Trial is still one to keep an eye on.

Source: Deadline