Affleck’s Advice


Argo director Ben Affleck said that when he came to star-in and direct The Town (2010) he asked three men for advice – fellow actor-directors Kevin Costner, Robert Redford and Warren Beatty.

Affleck said:

“The one thing they all said to me, in one form or another, was: Make sure you get enough coverage of yourself. They said the natural tendency is to go do a scene, and there’s three of us, and I do 10 takes on actor A and 12 takes on actor B and now we’re probably in a rush, so the polite thing to do is bang out one take on yourself and move on. Because you don’t want to look like a prima donna.

And on the first day, on Take 10 of me, I could just feel the crew’s eyes rolling. I started telling anybody who would listen that story. I was told to get a lot of coverage.”

The star is getting a lot of Oscar buzz for his latest directorial effort which is based on a true story. It’s hard to believe that almost a decade ago, post ‘Bennifer’ his career looked to be over, but he has re-grouped and started directing classy thrillers, raising his stock. If Argo hits at the box office and the wards circuit then expect big, big things from here on out.

Source: NY Times