Adele Confirmed For SKYFALL Theme; Running Time Revealed


In what must be the worst kept secret in movie/music history, it has been confirmed that Adele will be singing the theme song to the latest James Bond adventure, Skyfall.

Adele will join the likes of Paul McCartney, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey (amongst others) in singing the track, which is apparently called Skyfall. Let’s just hope it’s good.

The last great Bond theme song was Tina Turner’s Goldeneye in 1995 (written by Bono and The Edge). That is if we disregard Surrender, the KD. Lang song which played over the end of Tomorrow Never Dies. That song was supposed to be the title track, but it was ditched and replaced by Sheryl Crowe’s blander Tomorrow Never Dies at the last minute. Crowe was thought to be more commercial than Lang and it probably helped that she wasn’t a lesbian – you can’t have that with the world’s most famous womaniser.

It has also been reported that Skyfall will have a running time of 145 minutes, giving you much more Bond for your buck that 2008’s Quantum of Solace which clocked in at just 106 minutes.

Skyfall opens in the UK next month.

Source: Showbiz 411