A TRIP TO THE MOON: Watch Georges Méliès Classic 1902 Sci-Fi Film

Cineastes will no doubt know of Georges Méliès silent classic, A Trip To The Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune) but how many have seen it? The 1902 film clocks in at just fifteen minutes, but it packs a visual punch – one that has left the world of cinema reeling for over a century.

Méliès’ film is the first science fiction film, taking his cue from the work of Jules Verne (particularly From The Earth To The Moon), and the French director brings a sense of wonder to the piece, delivering an adventure movie that, although brisk, contains a lot of plot. As the title indicates, Méliés film sees a group of intrepid astronomers going on an expedition to the Moon.

This version of George Méliés A Trip To The Moon features composed and performed by Andreas Brink.