A Glimmer Of Hope For Johnny Depp And THE LONE RANGER

I’ve been harsh on Johnny Depp lately, but it’s only because I hate to see a good artist slide into paycheck induced mediocrity (I’d also like to see producer Jerry Bruckheimer get back on track, but that’s another matter). However, the trailer and poster (below) for The Lone Ranger gives me some hope.

Gore Verbinski’s (Pirates of the Caribbean) film seems to be a straight-up western (although with the action stakes ramped-up) and Depp seems to be trying to do something slightly different with the role of Tonto. Having said that the trailer is quite light on both Tonto and The Lone Ranger and it has something of a Wild Wild West vibe going on.

As for the poster (below) – I like it, but the Tonto marketing for The Lone Ranger is weird. It’s like making a Batman film and putting the emphasis on Robin. I understand that Depp is bankable, while Armie Hammer isn’t, but still – it is The Lone Ranger!

Time will tell how this turns out, but the $220 million+ budget is worrying. Dances With Wolves cost just over $20 million back in 1990 – that’s a lot of inflation for a western. Having said that, The Legend of The Lone Ranger cost a mighty $18 million in 1981. It was a massive bomb. Just saying.

Could Disney be facing another John Carter style box office disaster?

It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure – Johnny Depp is no Taylor Kitsch.