A Bad Day To Die Hard: Lazy DIE HARD Prequel Sees Bruce Willis Pick Up An Easy Paycheck


I’m not against the idea of a sixth Die Hard movie.

They could tone down the CGI, dial things back and produce something along the lines of the first three movies at an affordable price. Skim over the poor A Good Day To Die Hard and get things back on track.

However, I am against the lazy idea of making a prequel to the original 1988 John McTiernan classic that sees events take place on the streets of New York in 1979. That’s the plan that has been hatched by Live Free Or Die Hard director Len Wiseman and producer Lorenzo di Boneventura.

The film (currently being called Die Hard Year One) would have a new actor play ‘young John McClane’ while Bruce Willis would pick up an easy payday by book-ending the movie.

I could write more about this – but my anger has turned to apathy.

Source: Deadline