Review: Comedy-Horror DOUBLE DATE Packs A Bloody Punch

3.5 out of 5 stars

Director Benjamin Barfoot’s Double Date, a hugely satisfying comedic thrill-ride. Danny Morgan and Michael Socha share great chemistry as two friends eager to get laid – but they get more than they bargained for from two murderous sisters (Kelly Wenham and Georgia Groome). 

More comedy than horror, Double Date gets a lot right, throwing in enough violence in the finale to keep the blood-thirsty crowd happy. This comes recommended by Movies In Focus because of its energy and humour.

There’s a touch of Shaun Of The Dead with the banter between Morgan and Socha as the two friends try to escape the clutches of the satanic sisters. There may be more laughs than scares in Barfoot’s film, but some of the action is pretty brutal and there’s plenty of blood to keep gore-hounds happy. The film is shot with verve and panache and you’ll be entertained as it zings from once scene to another. 

A fun time is to be had with Double Date and while it may meander on occasion, it does offer up some genuine laughs along the way. 

Special Features

The DVD and blu-ray release of Double Date comes with a commentary with the dircetor and cast and crew, a making of featurette , deleted scenes, trailers and a photo gallery. What more could you want?

Double Date is out now on DVD and Blu-ray