5 Years Of Movies In Focus

This time five years ago I was a movie writer who had been writing stories, interviews and reviews for half a decade. I loved it. However, I found I was writing a tremendous amount of content because I had to. I also had to deliver a certain amount of corporate sheen to not bite the hand that fed the site. I was being edited to fit corporate needs.

In February 2012 I had the creative epiphany that I would create my own website, a place where I could write my own content and not have to worry about writing for demographics or the oft-loved hits. Movies In Focus was created. It would be a site that would tap into what l loved and cared about. It would embrace cult and the mainstream and it would be what I wanted it to be.

I found myself facing a world of unknowns, having to navigate a world that was beyond the one I knew of words and facts. Movies In Focus started small and grew. It has continued to grow over the last five years, I’ve interviewed legends, covered huge events but never lost sight that I’ve always wanted to cover movies news in a unique way.

This has been a journey for Movies In Focus and one that has been joined by the site’s thousands of readers. Now we will embrace the next phase and see it grows and becomes something ever greater.

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