World War Z had a lot of negative press before it hit screens this summer. The screen adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel underwent extensive reshoots, which many thought was a sure sign that it was going to be a disaster. However, the film went on to [...]

July 7, 2013

Blu-ray Review: APARTMENT 1303 3D

Apartment 1303 starts off with a fairly atmospheric opening credits sequence, but the film takes an absolute nose-dive once we get to any actual footage. Janet Slate (Julianne Michelle) has just signed the lease on her dream apartment. She can now [...]

June 2, 2013

DVD Review: TEXAS CHAINSAW Massacres A Classic Horror Icon

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most influential movies in horror cinema. Tobe Hooper’s seminal 1974 film introduced the world to Leatherface and a level of cinematic gore that enthralled and disgusted audiences in equal measure. It’s [...]

May 26, 2013

Book Review: Benjamin Percy’s RED MOON

Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon is an odd beast indeed. It’s a cross-genre piece that would put up a good fight to fit in almost every section of your local book shop. Horror sits side-by-side with teen romance, science fiction and drama. The book is [...]

May 24, 2013

SCREAM Series For MTV; Wes Craven To Direct Pilot

A Scream television series for MTV? I’m not quite sure that we need it, but Dimension seems to want to milk their franchises (Scream, Spy Kids, Scary Movie) for all they’re worth. The belated fourth instalment of Wes Craven’s horror franchise [...]

April 26, 2013


As a child I had the fantastic opportunity to see films For artistic or cultural merit that many “stricter parents” may have had issue with. This brings me to Dracula: Prince of Darkness; a film which terrified me as a kid and left an indelible [...]

April 24, 2013

DVD Review: Check Into The Overlook Hotel With ROOM 237

Fans of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining won’t want to miss Room 237, the documentary detailing the many ‘conspiracy theories’ behind the Stephen King adaptation. The film uses interviews from fans, scholars and journalists who offer up a [...]

March 9, 2013

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