It’s Almost Here: Movies In Focus Gets A Sneak Peek At AIN’T IT COOL WITH HARRY KNOWLES


The long awaited second season of Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles is nearly here. The show originally started on Nerdist’s Youtube Channel in 2012 but Harry Knowles and director Brett Hart’s vision for the show grew (I interviewed Harry and Brett when season one launched) . The pair took to Kickstarter to raise funds for a second season that would give them more creative control, letting them make the show that they wanted to make. Things took an interesting turn after shooting ended when PBS showed interest in screening it – opening it up to a whole new (and wider)audience.


The interest from PBS led to a few delays in the show’s release and in true internet fashion, the conspiracy theories started as to why the show hadn’t yet hit screens. However, Harry and Brett were beavering away in the background editing their footage and honing it to make a show that met their true vision.

Mark Brett Cut

Movies In Focus has been lucky enough to see almost 50 minutes of the show and it looks great. The ‘sizzle reel’ I’ve seen includes a great interview with the mighty Burt Reynolds, as well as chats with House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon, horror guru Wes Craven, director Danny Boyle and famed film critic Leonard Maltin.

Maltin Intro

50 minutes from a three hour season is a relative drop in the ocean, but there’s a lot of good stuff on offer here: Harry teases some great anecdotes from his subjects; you could listen to Burt Reynolds talk all day and Willimon tells a few interesting tales on working with David Fincher and how House of Cards came to pass. Harry also gets geeky with Wes Craven over Swamp Thing, Danny Boyle talks Trainspotting 2 and Leonard Maltin discusses Disney’s controversial Song of the South.

This is a show for enthusiastic movie fans, so check your cynicism at the door, kick-back and simply enjoy.

Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles hits Austin screens on the PBS affiliate KLRU-Q on Saturday 7 February (before going national on NETA). The season runs for 7 episodes, with each episode being 25 minutes in length.

  • Muncha Quchi

    Why did Harry Knowles need funding from Texas VSA when he should have had enough to produce the project from his successful Kickstarter?

    Why is he using his disability to receive government funding when all it would take is consistent rehab for him to walk again? Shouldn’t those funds have gone towards disabled people who don’t have a choice in the matter?

    Why are many terms of the Kickstarter being ignored, such as making episodes available for viewing online as soon as they are completed?

    You saw a 50 minute sizzle reel? Uh yeah ok.

    • Niall Browne

      I’m in no position to discuss Harry’s health – but I believe the episodes will be made available online. I don’t understand your sizzle reel comment. Niall

  • Muncha Quchi

    A sizzle reel is a fast paced video that is short and incorporates creativity with sounds and engaging sights to advertise or promote a product, concept or person.

    50 minutes is not short. So you either saw a sizzle reel less than 50 minutes long, or you saw an extended preview that does not qualify as a sizzle reel.

    • Niall Browne

      I saw condensed snippets from the show. 50 mins of a three hour season The interviews were good. You should hold-off until you see the show.

      • Muncha Quchi

        When will I be able to view it without living in the Austin, Texas area and without owning a digital antenna?

        • Niall Browne

          I believe it’ll be available on the web at some point.

  • pud

    You should know what you are talking about before using industry words that aren’t related to what you reviewed. It makes you look unqualified for your job and makes your opinion suspect.

  • Apocalypse Pooh

    Your facts are in error. Before the Kickstarter campaign ended, Mr. Knowles was already talking about airing it on PBS. PBS did not come to Harry, Harry went to PBS. Of course, this meant the terms of his Kickstarter plea changed after people already donated funds, throwing more gasoline on the fire of that particular controversy.

    • Niall Browne

      We’ll see how the show does with the viewers. It’s entertainment and it was made to be seen and enjoyed. These things are open to whoever wants to watch them.

  • phantomcreeps

    I can’t wait.

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