It might seem repetitive for Zack Snyder’s  Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice to once again show the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents (the fifth time since 1989) but it factors into the plot in more ways than just showing what drives Bruce Wayne to do what he does. This time the oft-told tale depicts the Wayne family at a cinema showing The Mark of Zorro and John Boorman’s 1981 fantasy Excalibur – two things that offer an important insight into Snyder’s Batman. The Zorro comparisons are (and always have been obvious) – a rich playboy with a cavernous lair, who fights for justice by using a black mask and cape to hide his identity.

The Excalibur motif is new to the world of the Dark Knight but significant in the construction of this version of the character. The thrust of Boorman’s Arthurian tale was a search for a Holy Grail and it saw Nigel Terry’s King Arthur lose his sense of purpose on his long quest. The use of the emerald green green and the heavy duty medieval armour were a large part of that film’s epic and dreamlike narrative. Green too infuses Batman V Superman through the use of Kryptonite which Batman weaponises to defeat Superman – and when Ben Affleck’s finally confronts Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel he’s wearing armour that literally makes him a ‘dark knight’. Both movies also see a pivotal weapon impaled into rock and tossed into a body of water, before returning to the surface in climatic moments. Snyder’s film is also stacked with many dream sequences, which again like Boorman’s movie, plays with the connection of dream vs reality.

It’s as if Snyder is implying that Batman’s Holy Grail is his never ending search of justice (like Arthur he lost sight of his true purpose) though it takes the coming together of The Justice League (his Knights of the Roundtable) to finally get him back on track.

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  • Bobby

    Also on the subject of Excalibur the fight between batman & superman mirrors the battle between Arthur and Lancelot
    The creation of doomsday is similar to the creation of mordred and supermans death also closely mirrors Arthur’s death

    • John Gianfrancesco

      100% correct ! I saw that too and loved it- Excalibur is one of my favorite movies. Does that make WW Percival ?

    • Greg

      Does that make Lex Luthor into Morgana?

      But yeah, totally saw Superman’s death in the film to be like Arthur’s death in “Excalibur,” and remembered spotting “Excalibur” in the Wayne death sequence. Wondered if I was the only one who saw that.

      In the comics, Bruce was 8 or 10 (depending on the writer) when his parents died. Excalibur came out ~4 months before Ben Affleck turned 9. So the movie is accurate in that respect, although the kid who played young Bruce was 10 at the time of filming.

  • Sam

    I saw Superman as Arthur, sacrificing himself via impalement to save our world from something he’d (very indirectl and umintentionally) brought from his. Batman was the film’s Percival as he had to overcome his doubts about Arthur/Superman in time to save the world but not his friend. I guess that makes WW Lancelot as she is the foreigner who arrives late but helps save the day. Unlike Lancelot, she survives. Did I just spoil 2 films?

  • John

    Maybe but that feels like it’s digging a little deep. It could be simple that King Arthur is about knights and Batman is the Dark Knight.

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