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The Best Scene In Tim Burton’s BATMAN

Tim Burton‘s Batman is 30 years old. It’s crazy to write that – I remember seeing it on the big screen back in 1989. I was nine years old. Thirty years before 1989 was 1959 – a very different era. The world went Batman crazy [...]

June 23, 2019

George Lucas On The Set Of AMERICAN GRAFFITI

When most people hear the name George Lucas they think of Star Wars. Yes – the Star Wars movies are great (even the prequels) but Lucas’ masterwork is American Graffiti. The 1973 movie starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, [...]

June 22, 2019

Watch Short Film CAPRICIOUS – Written By Movies In Focus

In 2016 I started writing a twisty-ish dramatic thriller with director Jordan Handford. We crafted a tight little script, which turned into a great little short film called Capricious. I was extremely impressed by Jordan’s direction, the [...]

June 15, 2019

It Stayed With Me: The Opening Of ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE

I don’t know when I saw 1973’s Electra Glide In Blue, but I was very young – under ten years old I would imagine, probably by quite a wide margin. Anyway, this opening credit sequence has always stayed with me, popping into my head [...]

June 15, 2019

Competition: Win Cult Classic VANISHING POINT On Blu-ray

Vanishing Point is a cult classic car chase movie from 1971. The film hits blu-ray on 17 June with an exciting two disc collectors’ edition featuring both the original US and UK theatrical versions. Movies In Focus is giving three lucky readers [...]

June 10, 2019

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